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A New Level of Understanding.

We only do what we can do best - translate, interpret and localise between English and Chinese. We strive to provide simple, efficient and stress-free services with professional products.

CS Language Services

dedicates to provide comprehensive Chinese language services including translation, proofreading, editing, interpreting and localisation.

A Global Business Partner

In CS Language Services, our native linguists are able to articulate the subtleties of both the English and Chinese languages and who also possess a full understanding of the culture, tone, and style of whoever the target demographic may be.

A Seasoned Player

CS Language Services has years of experience in providing the utmost in professional services to commercial organisations, the NHS, UK law enforcement agencies and countless other entities and individuals. We know the Chinese languages and the industry inside out, so we can tailor to what you need.

Dedicated to Excellence

We pride ourselves on stellar customer service and an end product of unparalleled quality. We only focus on English to Chinese and Chinese to English language services, as this is what we can do best. We don’t just translate, we always go the extra mile to understand your company and business, to make sure we can convey your messages and values.

Serving the Spectrum of Individuals & Businesses

Chinese translation is extraordinarily challenging as the language comes in numerable forms and dialects. CS Language Services prides itself on its proficiency in both Simplified Chinese (for mainland China and Singapore) and Traditional Chinese (for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) translation, with each being more or less suited to various kinds of businesses and industry. From personal correspondence, business proposals to website localisation, no jobs are too small, and we guarantee the same professional and high quality product that you expect.

Owner and Lead Translator Carol So

is native in Cantonese and fluent in Mandarin, and educated in both Hong Kong and the UK. She is a linguist with vast and varied experience in the teaching of Chinese languages and in the art of interpreting and translation.

She has 5 years of experience in software and website localisation, including language testing and linguistic QA. Her expertise also extends to medical and health, pharmaceutical, and academic translations. She is also an experienced public service interpreter and business interpreter.

Qualification and Experiences:

  1. Bssc in Sociology (First Class Honours)

  2. MPhil in Sociology and Gender Studies

  3. Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI, CIoL)

  4. Diploma in Translation (DipTrans, CIoL)

  5. Member of Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL)

  6. Qualified Member of Translation & Interpreting (MITI): English > Chinese (Medical & Pharmaceutical)

  7. Continuing Professional Development in various areas

  8. Localisation certificates

  9. Translate, localise and conduct linguistic QA for various websites, mobile apps, user interface, marketing and digital contents for major IT companies


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How CS Language Services Can Help

We provide comprehensive language services including translation, localisation, proofreading/ editing, and interpreting.



We offer services for a wide variety of translation jobs including:

  • Marketing and Social Research
  • Correspondence and Certificates
  • Advertising and Press Releases
  • HR Journals
  • Business Presentations, Proposals & Cards
  • Medical Records, Reports, ICFs and Patient’s Information
  • Documentary/Movie Subtitles
  • Legal Documentation
  • Operating Manuals, Product Descriptions
  • And more...


We masterfully adapt a product or service to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of the Chinese market. We help to open your door to the fast-growing Chinese market, overcoming all the complexities and cultural and language challenges, capturing the Chinese demand and winning over your clients.


Proofreading & Editing

When editing, we work to refine translated verbiage by exploiting the appropriate glossary terminology and style of the client’s preference. The ultimate objective is to make certain the content comes across as if it were originally created in the target language.

Proofreading translated content is for the purpose of ensuring a consistent and top-notch level of quality throughout the entire translated text. This is normally performed by an additional, objective native speaker of the target language .



Business meeting, site visit, marketing research, focus group, tribunal and legal proceeding, there are times that you may need a little help in communicating with a native Chinese speaker. With years of interpreting experience and deep cultural understanding, we are here to bridge that intercultural communication gap.

Why work with CS Language Services?


  Quick Turnaround


Time is money. Documents are translated in a timely fashion to ensure that our clients provide the best service possible to their own customers





Native professional translation ensures the utmost in quality and precision. With background in the UK, United States and Hong Kong, we understand British business and international operations, and we beat the China-based translators by accuracy, fluency and business knowledge



  Peace of Mind


Extreme attentiveness to keeping your data confidential and uncompromised. We abide by the CIoL and ITI code of conducts in protecting your data



  24/7 Availability


We offer our services round the clock, with translation professionals based in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, and America



  Comprehensive Fluency


We have a thorough understanding of the many variants of Chinese languages and dialects



  One-stop Source


We are the one-stop shop for all your language needs, from language learning, cultural consultation, translation, interpreting to localisation and transcreation, we have the expertise to help you


For further information or to learn what we can offer, feel free to use our contact form.


Solid Background &
Unmatched Expertise

In addition to marketing, PR, Human resources and management, CS Language Services also has a solid background in social and governmental services, including NHS and the police forces, as well as experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. With bilingual translators and localisation experts from different backgrounds and based in the UK, America, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, we can tailor our translation work to perfectly suit different needs and markets.

Adept Localisation

Our localisation professionals are the very best. We understand the culture and market needs, ensure our translations absolutely reflect the intricacies of the target culture.

Attention to Detail

We have unsurpassed Quality Assurance (QA) incorporated into all that we do. We strive to eliminate any and all deleterious issues, no matter how minor, such as tonal inconsistencies, punctuation errors, forbidden words, and other potential errors.

Digital Marketing

In addition to our translation efforts, we also deliver on impactful & powerfully effective verbiage in the target language and lend ingenious marketing skill to grow your business and expand your brand. The added value of in-depth knowledge and significant experience in modern business development makes us a one-stop shop for all your language service needs.

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We pride ourselves on friendly and helpful customer service and an unmatched, professional end product. CS Language Services awaits your call and stands ready to serve you.

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